Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2013

Tolerance or Opportunism

"Tolerance or Opportunism" 
Photo collage with media pictures from that event 
Aram Ruhi Ahangarani


The United Nations covered up a relief carving of a naked man at its Geneva headquarters on Monday, 
apparently in deference to the chaste sensibilities of 
Islamic Republic (non-Iranian/foreign ruler) 
diplomats set to visit Tuesday for talks regarding the country’s nuclear program, AFP reported.
UN officials would not officially comment on why the wall relief, inspired by Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam,” and donated by Britain to the UN’s forerunner the League of Nations, in 1938, 
had been masked by a large white screen.


"political lesson"

it's about politics, i know you are not interested
I know you are not interested but at some point you might get arrested
I am a political animal and understand it linguistically
this is my way not to be masochistically
people were looking for a perspective and used their evolutionary linguistics
the monarchs, flycatchers, tried to stop them and made them narcissistic
the world has needed a perspective and tried to find a way to get equal status
the monarchs drafted a monster to keep these inmates in their status
they drafted that monster and named him Frankenstein (political islam)
they sent him to the world and used him to stop people's demands
they called that the "green belt politics" and didn't explain it to anyone
today that green belt is expanded and is eating everyone
that Frankenstein got bigger and created armies of Frankensteins
they still don't stop supporting them and let them destroy the whole people's demands
they think they are secure in their palaces and Frankenstein leaves them alone
they still produce weapons to kill the people and their demands
they sell them to the Frankensteins and help them to rise
the Frankensteins are destroying everything and need much more blood
they still get fresh blood but at some point it will be their blood.

Aram Ruhi Ahangarani

"green belt politics": islamification of countries 
against influence of socialism